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We have worked with dozens of nonprofits, small businesses, and Christian influencers to support their missions through visual design.

We approach the design process with spiritual collaboration - inviting the Creator to create alongside us and breathe life into every brand or website we put out into the world.  

We are a Spirit-led design studio for impactful brands.

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About Our Studio

After working with dozens of impactful brands and helping them take their work to the next level, we have developed a passion for seeing visions come to life through intentional design and captivating storytelling.

We want to be more than your designers. We want to be your friends, your advocates, and your business’s biggest fans!​ Our design process is a holistic, Spirit-led, and collaborative approach to unlocking your brand’s unique look.

Our Creative Process

Once the design process is complete, we always provide resources, tools, and trainings so that your designs can be sustainable and you can feel empowered to manage your brand and website for years to come!


In this phase, you can sit back + relax because your vision is in good hands. We intentionally only take on a couple projects at a time to provide a luxury process for our clients. Our goal is efficiency, without lacking quality.


We will guide you through a series of questions that will provide a comprehensive overview of your brand. Our goal is to help you find clarity and gain a deeper understanding of the “why” behind what you do.


I am a self-taught designer. From a very early age, I considered myself an artist. While I strongly debated going to art school, my passion for entrepreneurship and missions led me to get my BBA. 

After graduating college in 2020, I co-founded an ethical missions nonprofit called Kindred Exchange, where I serve as the Executive Director.

I naturally fell into brand & web design as I built Kindred's brand and it wasn't long before more and more people began asking for my services. We officially launched Ember Designs in January of 2022 and have had the honor of working with 35+ brands in our first year.

It truly is more than design to us. Our creative process invites the Holy Spirit to breathe on your brand. We truly hope through this process you can feel more connected with your Creator. 

My name is Abby Littlefield.

Meet our founder

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